Israel, Canada, Netherlands Lead the World in Cannabis Research

Israel, Canada and The Netherlands are already enjoying the benefits of legalized cannabis research, as money from the U.S. flows into them in the form of investment and consumer capital. Many firms are not allowed to profit from the international transfer of cannabis products, but they are allowed to transfer the knowledge and research.  Continue reading “Israel, Canada, Netherlands Lead the World in Cannabis Research”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal Hates Legalized Cannabis

cannabis legalization

Anti-Legalized Cannabis Propaganda Proliferator

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has had a tumultuous few years. The publishing world has tried to re-invent itself and keep up with the pace of technology, and the local newspaper is no exception. It first reinvented itself as a copyright troll, and now it’s fighting legalized cannabis, turning itself into an anti-cannabis propaganda tool owned by a bigoted billionaire. Continue reading “The Las Vegas Review-Journal Hates Legalized Cannabis”

How Does Question 1 Affect Cannabis Users?

Background checks are a good thing, right?

Question 1’s background checks for firearms are certainly a step in the right direction, but not if you’re a cannabis user. Because of a federal law, you’ll be denied the right to buy a gun. Question 1 on the Nevada Ballot (Full Text PDF) is about those background checks for gun buyers. It is currently legal for any citizen to transfer a legally purchased firearm to another individual with a voluntary background check done through the State of Nevada’s Central Repository for Records of Criminal History. The new law would require all gun transfers between private citizens to be done through a licensed dealer and include a federal background check through the Brady Bill-mandated National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Continue reading “How Does Question 1 Affect Cannabis Users?”