Hemp Wick

Why use hemp wick and what is it? Hemp wick is thread made from hemp fibre that has been coated in beeswax. The purpose of it is to light a pipe. Using hemp wick avoids inhaling butane or contaminants from matches. The flame burns at a low temperature, to ensure an even burn on ones herbs. It lasts a while, but you definitely want to stock up in bulk. Today, I found 800′ for $18! Highly recommended:

July 1, 2017 is set to be the first day for recreational marijuana sales in Las Vegas

Recreational marijuana sales are coming to Las Vegas! Barring any delays, up to one ounce of marijuana will be available for sale July 1 to those 21 and older as a result of Question 2 passing last fall.

This will be the first time recreational marijuana is available for sale in the Silver State. Even though possession of marijuana became legal Jan. 1, there were no places that had the go-ahead to sell it.

As of May 10, Nevada has 60 medical marijuana dispensaries, 88 cultivation facilities, 57 for production and 11 laboratories