Friday Night Oasis Medical Weed Legalization Party

Marijuana is legal to purchase in Nevada this Friday at midnight! Come and celebrate history with Oasis Medical Cannabis as we switch from Medical only sales to Medical and Recreational sales starting 12:00 AM on 7/1/17. Show up an hour early the night before at 11 pm to join in the celebration. We’ll be having a late-night kickoff with a food truck (Mr. Cooker), a DJ, body painting, giveaways, a raffle and more. Have fun with us while we enjoy the end of cannabis prohibition in Las Vegas. We’re really excited to take part in the first legal sales to any adults over 21 years old in Nevada. We believe this will be an amazing partnership between the cannabis community and the Las Vegas valley.

Medical patients will continue to receive the same great service they have become accustomed to. Proper patient care from knowledgeable staff has always been and will remain a core value here. Patients come first. We hope that the move to recreational sales will only help to create a better, richer experience for the community that we have already served for several years. It will also allow us to serve those patients from states without a proper medical system or one where their conditions are not recognized.

Oasis Medical Cannabis is located within minutes of the Las Vegas Strip. Since 2015 we have served the medical marijuana community with events, education and of course, by selling great cannabis, cannabis concentrates, edibles and more. Our hours will soon be extended to better serve our neighborhood and those visiting. We’re grateful for all of our medical patients and their patronage. We hope to see you on 7/1 as we make history together.

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