Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin July 1 in Nevada!

Recreational marijuana is coming to Las Vegas on July 1, despite some setbacks in Carson City. A dispute from liquor distributors has caused a judge to freeze license applications for distributors, saying that existing alcohol distributors would be in charge of the new industry.

This has not stopped existing license holders from stocking up to be able to sell on July 1. According Cy Ryan from the Las Vegas Sun, “Dispensaries will be allowed to sell what they have in inventory but won’t be able to restock because of a court ruling that only alcohol wholesalers can be licensed to distribute marijuana for the first 18 months of recreational sales.”

Recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are only differentiated by the tax applied to them. The potency and diversity of strains is the same.

These emergency regulations also limit the shapes of edibles and limits advertising. Happy 7117!

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